IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

We can provide the best IT engineers, consultants or teams to complete your projects. You can choose from many different options:

  • body leasing
  • team leasing
  • try & hire

IT Recruitment

We have the best IT engineers for your project! We quickly deliver candidates for internal hiring on a Success Fee basis for B2B and employment contracts.

We select suitable profiles from our 40 000 + database of hero-level IT engineers within 48 hours!

IT Recruitment
Managed Services

Managed Services

We offer a possibility to move your IT processes to be implemented by our IT engineering team in agreement with SLA / KPI. Whether you need specific consulting services, or a turnkey solutions, we will be able to help you out!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We offer outsourcing and recruitment process optimization. With us you can make your recruitment process faster and save money. You can transfer all or part of your permanent recruitment to us. We can be an extension of your company’s HR or provide a holistic hiring solution. Our recruitment process outsourcing can be delivered on-site through a team of recruiters , off-site, or through a combination of both.

Shared Service Centers

Shared Service Centers

We can help you with setting up, developing and maintaining your SSC in Poland. Whether you need specific consulting services, or a turnkey solution, we will be able to help you out!

Fixed Price

We are able to create your IT project ideas. We can build backend frontend systems, mobile applications, web pages, user interfaces and any other IT projects you may need.

As heroes of our trade, we can proudly say that:

  • we deliver outstanding results on every stage of the recruitment process
  • we provide professional support in finding and selecting the best IT engineers with various specialisations
  • we offer solutions that will help your company develop its IT services and optimize IT recruitment costs
  • we really listen to the needs of the hiring companies, as well as our IT engineers, so the whole process is as efficient as possible

Work with us and gain benefits from GS Services key assets!

Fixed Price projects